CFCC 2018-2019 Catalog & Student Handbook 
    May 17, 2022  
CFCC 2018-2019 Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AUT 116 - Engine Repair

Class: 2 Lab: 3 Clinical: 0 Credits: 3

Prerequisites: Take ENG-085 RED-080 ENG-095 RED-090 ENG-111 or DRE-097Take TRN-110 Take AUT-116A
Corequisites: Take AUT-116A

This course covers the theory, construction, inspection, diagnosis, and repair of internal combustion engines and related systems. Topics include fundamental operating principles of engines and diagnosis, inspection, adjustment, and repair of automotive engines using appropriate service information. Upon completion, students should be able to perform basic diagnosis, measurement and repair of automotive engines using appropriate tools, equipment, procedures, and service information.

**This is a Fall Only Class**.