CFCC 2022-2023 Catalog & Student Handbook 
    Mar 25, 2023  
CFCC 2022-2023 Catalog & Student Handbook

Associate in Fine Arts, Visual Arts (A10600)

It is the responsibility of the student to know and to comply with the prerequisites and the corequisites listed in this catalog. If students have previous college credits from other institutions, students are advised to check first with a counselor at the receiving institution (the institution in which they plan to attend upon leaving CFCC). A counselor at the receiving institution should advise students of the courses to take at CFCC if the students have credits from other institutions. Otherwise, students will be encouraged to 1) complete their associate degree, which consists of 60-61 semester hours, or, the general education core, which consists of 25 semester hours; 2) contact their CFCC advisor, register early, and pay their tuition on time; and 3) earn a grade of “C” or higher on the first attempt. Since this program has only 25 credit hours in the general education core, students may be required to fulfill their basic studies requirements after they transfer. While some UNC institutions accept students with a 2.0 grade-point average, other UNC institutions require at least a 2.5 grade-point average. Students must always comply with the admission requirements of the receiving institution. Reminder: CFCC accepts a grade of “C-,” but some UNC institutions will not accept this grade.


Important Websites

The following website provides more CFCC college transfer and advising information:

The following website lists the academic programs offered at the sixteen (16) UNC institutions:

Students who need assistance in deciding their major may visit CFCC’s Career and Testing Services or visit the website about academic majors from their institution of choice. Example:

While the courses in this pre-major are not taught every semester, every effort is made to see that each course is taught at least once per year. When planning a class schedule, students should consider the frequency of the course offerings.

Since requirements vary, each student should first contact the senior institution of choice to determine the specific requirements of that institution and to determine whether it is better to complete this pre-major or the Associate in Arts program or the minimum transfer hours of the receiving institution. Some senior institutions offer a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree while others offer a Bachelor in Arts degree. Depending on the institution of choice, some students will not have satisfied the general education core or the basic studies requirements even if the students complete this degree. Students are encouraged to contact the senior institution to confirm degree offerings.

Universal General Education Transfer Component (Credits: 25-26)

English Composition

Take 6 credits:


Take 3 credits:

Social/Behavioral Sciences

Select one course from each group below. Take 6 credits:

Natural Sciences

Choose one natural science option from the list below. Take 4 credits: 

(Reminder: AST 111  and PHY 110  have mandatory labs.)

Other Required Hours (Credits: 35 )

College Success Course

Take 1 credit:

Additional UGETC ART Courses

Take 6 credits:

Other Required ART Courses

Take 9 credits:

Additional Hours

An additional 10 SHC of courses should be selected from the courses listed below. Students should select these courses based on their intended major and transfer university.

Total Requirement in Semester Hours: 60/61

Spring I

Fall II

Spring II

  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Art Electives / Foreign Language